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Airbnb Multi-calendar – Can you use it to manage your bookings?


It’s November in London and already I can feel Christmas coming. I usually take guests over Chrsitmas but I always warn them that Christmas day in London means not much will be open. Certainly there will be no buses or trains and few shops. Especially guests from Asia need to be warned as some parts of Asia the 25th of December is a normal working day and they don’t understand the significance of Christmas in the west. Even in Australia and New Zealand it’s not unusual for some restaurants to open etc on Christmas day.

The Airbnb Multi-calendar just disappeared

I had a big shock last week when the airbnb multi-calendar disapperead. I have four listings in my house advertised as private rooms. Since very early on I have been using the Airbnb Multi-calendar function to manage my bookings. The reason I find it so useful is that I can see at a glance which days the listings are still empty etc. But for me the most useful reason is managing the non-airbnb bookings, also known as my regular guests. These are people who have stayed with me through airbnb but have since kept coming back to me on a cash deal basis. This has some downside but mostly it’s better for me.

Using the Airbnb Multi-calendar function can make your life easier

There are many reasons why regular guests are better than one time guests. The biggest reason for me is safety. Someone who usually lives far away in another country and speaks a language I don’t understand could be a much higher risk than someone who ordinarily lives and works in the UK. Also the great thing about a regular guest is exactly that – they are regular. And I don’t just mean they come every week I mean they are predictable. They tend to arrive about the same time, leave the same time and shower the same time, etc. This makes my life easier.

To see if you can access the airbnb multicalendar go to if it doesn’t appear then you can’t use it.

Airbnb Multicalendar now restricted to those hosts who have 6+ listings

I contacted Airbnb help for hosts to ask why I could not find the multi-calendar function anymore (perhaps they had moved it?). I got the below reply from Airbnb Support: –

I understand that you want to use the multi-calendar to manage your bookings easily. However, the multi-calendar is now available for host who has 6+ listings. I am sorry if the option is now not available for you.

I was very surprised by the news that only hosts with 6+ listings can now use the multi-calendar function. Why this feature needs to be rationed to only a small number of hosts I have no idea. The solution occurred to be add two fake listings to my profile and make them unavailable for booking and therefore I will be able to use the multi-calendar screen again!

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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