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What is the Super Referral Airbnb Program? and Are Guests sneaking in extra people to your listing?


What is the Super Referral Airbnb Program?

Today I got an email from Airbnb inviting me to be part of the Super Referral Program. Apparently because I have referred hosts in the past (I believe through this website) then I qualify to be a member (or maybe they send this to everybody I don’t know). If I successfully refer a host then I get sent $300 in cash or in my case the GBP equivalent; about £215.

How exactly this is different from the host referral program I used previously, to lure others to become airbnb hosts, I do not know. The only difference I can see is that I get a larger payout (previously the amount was about half).

If you want to become an Airbnb host like me then you can sign up here. Good Luck!

Are your Airbnb guests sneaking in extra people to stay the night?

I recently had three instances of guests booking for one person and then in the dead of night sneak in another person. In all these instances the room was a double room in my house but only one person was booked to stay. I believe in all three instances the person was ‘visiting friends in London’ and was just looking for somewhere to sleep that night.

It’s a very good idea to install cameras on the front door of your listing especially if you also live in the property.

I use Canary cameras because they are easy to setup and the quality is very good,

On one occasion I actually bumped into the guest and his secret friend when they were checking out. I happened to see them both leaving the bedroom with their bags in hand. I was surprised to see two people but I calmly said “i’m sorry thought you only booked for one person.” The guest who actually paid to be there immediately replied that his friend had only just arrived and came to collect me. I was unsure of how true this was so let them leave and waved them goodbye. I immediately checked my front door camera footage (easy to do on the mobile app) and discovered the secret person had actually arrived late in the evening the night before, and made a pathetic attempt to cover the camera on the front door with her hand I might add. I raised the issue with airbnb and they said that it was not possible to confirm if my story was true or not (in this instance I did not tell airbnb I had security camera footage) but they agreed to give me £20 free airbnb credit, which I was happy to accept.

On another occasions I actually did not see anyone secretly arrive but a few strange noises in the middle of the night alerted my suspicions. I guess the sounds of two people is difficult to fully conceal, the extra footsteps going up the stairs for example. The next morning I scrolled through my security camera footage and sure enough the guest had secretly invited anther person into the house for a few hours. She left about 4am so was only in the house for approx 4 hours but this is enough in my opinion to count as an extra person (and definitely enough to break my house rules on guests only into the listing). This time I went to airbnb and told them what had happened and that I had camera footage to prove it. After a slight delay I got an email telling me I was going to receive the extra person payment from the guest, in this case £10.

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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