Get £30 Airbnb Travel Credit for Free

Get £30 Airbnb Travel Credit for Free

This is only for new users of Airbnb. As far as I know there is no easy way to get free travel credit if your already a registered user of airbnb. If you have not linked your account to Facebook it is possible that you can sign up with a new email address and get another £30 free credit. There are terms and conditions such as that you need to make a booking of £55 or more the use the free credit. The amount of the free credit has varied from time to time from as low as £15 to the now high £30. There is also a bonus for new hosts but this has been wound back recently. It was the case that if you referred a new host that you received £90 in cash from Airbnb but again this has been wound back and you now get £55 in travel credit.

Airbnb Host Referral Program – £35 free!

If you become a new Airbnb host now you can receive £35 from Airbnb so now is a very good time to become a host.

Click here to get your £35 free from Airbnb.

To get your £35 free you will need to create your listing and have a booking to the value of £70. The booking can't be from a family or friend (no idea how they would know).   [caption id="attachment_264" align="aligncenter" width="215"]Make some serious money being a host on Airbnb Make some serious money being a host on Airbnb[/caption]   The terms and conditions state - "To qualify for any payouts, the Referred Host’s first received booking must have a value of at least 100 USD. The Referred Host has 150 days from the date they are invited to Complete their first booking in order to earn the Payment." The bonus is actually $50 USD so whatever the exchange rate to GBP £ is on the day of your bonus is what you will actually get. Hosts who refer other hosts actually get a £70 bonus (again depending on the exchange rate).