Airbnb New Host Referral Bonus UK

If your thinking of becoming a Airbnb Host like me then you should sign up using the below link. This is the Airbnb New Host Referral Bonus UK working signup link for 2019. I have been a host for nearly five years and I have enjoyed the ride but most importantly I have made a lot of money!

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How much money can I make being an Airbnb host?

If your wondering how much money you can make by becoming a Airbnb host then you can use this simple tool provided by Airbnb. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to make each month from being a host. I have found it to be reasonably accurate.

Airbnb Pro Referrer Network

Some information on becoming a Airbnb Pro Referrer can be found here.

I’m not sure how many hosts are part of the pro referrer network. It does seem airbnb is making a bigger push for more hosts. Why this is I don’t know. Airbnb is already the biggest hotel in the world.