How to get rich using Airbnb?

Can you get rich using Airbnb? Some I’m sure do. But how do they do that exactly?

Most of the stories I’ve read about those who’s say they’ve made sooo much money using Airbnb go something like this – “I was taking a six week vacation (they are usually from the USA) and decided to give using Airbnb a try to rent out my apartment while I was away. I was making so much money I decided to quit my job and stay on vacation forever.” Or some bullshit like this. The obvious point they never seem to touch on is the fact they already own a apartment in a very central location in a major city, presumably mortgage free, and had they rented this out in the normal fashion to a local worker would have made almost as much money anyway.

So do I know a way to get rich using Airbnb? Well no exactly but I did come across a listing once in central London looked like the best way of getting some serious earnings. It was a one bed flat with a double bed in the bedroom and instead of sofas and dining table etc in the living room it has two (2) double beds. So that makes 3 double beds in a one bed flat. It was advertised as sleeps 6 persons, which is does of course with three double beds. It had the one shower room and a small kitchen. The price was £150 a night – THATS £1050 A WEEK!

So to get rich on airbnb do as follows:

  1. Get a one bed apartment in central London
  2. Put one double bed in the bedroom and two double beds in the living room. No other furniture is needed
  3. List for £150 a night, sleeps 6
  4. Repeat

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