My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

How to give your guests an excellent Airbnb experience

Getting those 5 star reviews on Airbnb
Getting those 5 star reviews on Airbnb

Tips for giving a excellent hosting experience

1. Be very clear about what your offering If you don’t provide breakfast then say so clearly in your description. The same If you don’t allow use of the kitchen or other living spaces then best to get these things out in the open at the beginning.

2. Communicate with your guest prior to the arrival especially when it comes to giving directions to your listing. A message early on the day of arrival can be reassuring to the guest.

3. Make sure the room is clean and presentable ideally no clutter and bits and bobs hanging around and not wardrobes full of old clothes. Think hotel.

4. Clean sheets and towels seriously this is a must.

5. Make sure the bathroom is squeaky clean on their arrival no unsightly hairs around the bath etc. First impressions are very important.

6. Greet your guest in person when they arrive a big smile can help, try and look as happy as you can to meet them even if you’ve just finished a late shift.

7. Provide wi-fi internet  for free; seriously you shouldn’t consider charging for this.

8. A universal plug adaptor.

9. Set specific times for check in and check out. As with hotels, never let new guests see a messy room. Everything must be 100 per cent clean and tidy on their arrival. 

10. Make sure guests have their privacy in fact I just stay well clear and let them do their thing

11. Take the right photos and take plenty The more photos the better usually.

12. Be cheaper than the competition even if its just a pound or two difference , everyone likes to think they got a bargain.

Some additional items you might want to provide in the room to give your guests an excellent experience:

  • Bottles of water/snacks
  • A hairdryer
  • A welcome note
  • Recommendations on local places to eat
  • Discount vouchers for local attractions
  • Tourist maps/bus or train maps
  • A bottle of wine and two glasses for couples on a romantic holiday
  • Tea/coffee
  • Local sim card
  • Fresh flowers
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye mask

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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