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Resolving an issue with your Airbnb guest


For the first time since becoming a Airbnb host more than a year ago i’ve had to use the Airbnb Resolution Centre. I was impressed with the results but perhaps my case was an easy one fortunately I haven’t had any serious problems being an Airbnb host.


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I raised a Airbnb Resolution Centre case because a guest had booked the room for one person but sneaked his girlfriend in to sleep the night. He checked in by himself but at some point during the night while I was sleeping very quietly brought his girlfriend home. It was almost certainly pre planned and I would never have known about it but they made no effort to hide it the next day.


Use the Airbnb Resolution centre if you have a problem
Use the Airbnb Resolution centre if you have a problem with a guest.


I usually let guests leave their bags with me for a few hours after they checkout, in case they have a late flight etc. This guest and his secret girlfriend came down in the morning asking to leave their bags with us for a few hours (two suitcases!). Surprised at seeing two people come down the stairs I asked why they only booked for one person and not two? Their not very convincing excuse was basically that they tried to but couldn’t. Realising their game I turned to the Airbnb Resolution Centre.


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How your Airbnb Resolution Centre case may be solved

It’s easy to raise a resolution and in my opinion the best way to resolve an issue. By waiting for the guest to leave and then raising the issue with Airbnb I avoided any confrontation and hyped emotions. I knew I was on solid ground with my issue as only the guests booked to stay at a listing can sleep the night. In other cases you may find Airbnb will not take your side even if you are in the right as they don’t want to put off future customers. You have to consider what is it you want that will satisfy you that your issue is resolved. Financial compensation is the best and easiest way to end a problem and in my case I made it very easy for the guest who had broken my house rules and Airbnb’s terms and conditions – I only asked for £5.


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I only asked for £5 as I had not actually incurred any real loss myself and I wanted the matter over with. I assumed he would accept his ‘fine’ and pay up. After 72 hours you can call in the Airbnb resolution team to help finalise the matter. I got a call from airbnb and they asked my to explain to them again and I made it clear that I would be happy with £5 and thats it. The next day I received a £10 payment from Airbnb and a message to say my case was resolved. Presumably they simply debited his credit card and decided to give me £10 instead of £5 (I have no idea why).

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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