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Should you have Airbnb guests on Christmas day?


Its December in London and the weather has been unusually mild for this time of year. Bookings have dropped off since the autumn and I’ve reduced my prices again for the new year. I’m now charging £28 a night for a double room for two people – this time a year ago I was hoping to be able to charge £35 a night by now, so its very disappointing. I have 200+ reviews and most of them have been positive but my five star review rate is still languishing at 64% and has been for about a year. I have noticed that there are more listings in my area and they are mostly double rooms at prices barely above the price of a single.

Airbnb Hosting Mistakes

Airbnb has been around a little while now in the UK but I’m seeing some very obvious mistakes with some listings such as:

  • Messy rooms in the pictures especially the cover image
  • Not using a real picture of yourself in your airbnb profile (hiding your identity on a website built on trust is not clever)
  • Unrealistic prices

I have noticed the airbnb price tips to be different for my two single rooms (which are in the same house and are very similar) having wildly different suggested prices. One room currently has a suggested price of £21 the other £25. The one with the £25 price tip has in general received better five star reviews than the other (why I can’t really say as they are very similar) so this may be the reason.


Airbnb provides price tips so you can avoid being too expensive for the market
Airbnb provides price tips so you can avoid being too expensive for the market


Airbnb price tips are handy if your not sure what price you should be charging but I don’t find them very useful. The obvious problem is that if everyone is using the airbnb price tip then you will all be charging the same and therefore have as much chance of being booked as everyone else. I like to be full at all times even if this means selling at a discount (I would rather lose £2 than £20). I see an empty room as money lost so any sale is a good sale.

I would say on average most of my guests are very nice. They tend to be young, employed, and most come from Western Europe but occasionally from Brazil, USA, and East Asia. Surprisingly many are female which might say something for the level of safety I provide in my accommodation (lockable rooms and live-in hosts).

Guests on Christmas Day

Over the Christmas period I do have airbnb guests staying at my house. I still have my usual family Christmas and the guests were out of the house most of the time. I did have to explain to some of them that Christmas day meant that there would be no public transport in London which they found surprising for some reason. I did get some guest enquires about arriving on Christmas day which I had no problem with but I quickly explained to them that getting from Heathrow airport to my house on Christmas day would mean a taxi and and a very expensive one at that. It makes no sense saving money on a airline ticket because it arrives on Christmas day only to loose all your savings on the taxi trip from the airport in my opinion.

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  • Hi,

    Many thanks for the excellent Air B&B blog. Some great tips here for someone just starting out.

    Quick question about pricing and single occupancy. Firstly, do Air B&B’ers both owners and customers expect just to pay one price whether it’s two people booking or just the one?

    At the moment, I have it set up that it’s £40/per night and then £30/per night for additional guests – i.e. if it was a couple, it would be £70/per night.

    Just not sure if this is the right way to go or not!

    Any help, much appreciated.


    • All costs should be in one price. I have a double room which is £20 for one person but £20 + £10 for 2 people (i.e. £10 per extra person). I find this works well.

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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