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Why I use Instant Book for my Airbnb listing


This week I turned on Instant book for three of my listings. I was always hesitant to use instant book because I liked the added sense of security of getting the chance to refuse undesirable guests at the request to book stage. When a guest wants to stay in your listing on airbnb they have to request to book by sending you a message introducing themselves. Only if the host is satisfied with the information the guest has provided do they release pre-approval and the prospective guest can book. If you turn on Instant book a guest can book without going through this request to book stage and book immediately.

Should you try instant book?

Why I was hesitant to use Instant Book

I always use the request to book stage of the airbnb booking process to ask the prospective guest “why are you coming to London?” and give them a chance to tell me a bit about themselves. This is usually enough to help me decide if this person will be ok to stay in my house. Ideally a guest will reply back something like “I have come to visit London to do some sightseeing and visit the many galleries and museums.” For me this type of guest is the best, they wake up in the mooring, get dressed, go out, and don’t come back until late. Guests like this I hardly see during their stay. They don’t hang around the house watching TV and snacking.

You can allow only guests who have had positive reviews from other hosts to book instantly
You can allow only guests who have had positive reviews from other hosts to book instantly

Two reasons to use Instant Book

I was willing to give instant book a try for two reasons. The first being that you can choose to only allow guests who have a positive rating to use Instant Book. For new users of airbnb and those guests who have a less than positive rating they will still need to get pre-approval from the request to book stage (guests are also required to have a profile picture to use Instant Book). Guests who have a probative rating presumably know how the airbnb model works and know how to behave in someone else’s house. The second reason I was happy to give Instant Book a try is when a guest tries to book you can write a welcome message. I use the welcome message to say hello of course but also mention in a clear way: “No use of the kitchen with this booking. Bedroom and bathroom only.” Getting my house rules clear at this stage is crucial to me as so many guests don’t read the listing description.

Why did I decide to give Instant Book a try?

I recently spoke to a friend who was planning his overseas trip and asked him if he was using airbnb for his accommodation. He said ‘no because you have to send a message to the host and you have no idea how long it will take them to reply.’ To him the whole request to book stage of the process was a potential big waste of time and he preferred to just book his accommodation without this extra hassle even if it cost him a more money. I realised that perhaps I was missing out on perfectly good guests who just wanted to book their accommodation and not waste time sending messages back and forth.

A few hours after I turned on Instant Book I had my first airbnb instant booking. The guest has a positive review from one previous trip. I quickly sent him a message saying we are looking forward to having him stay at our place and if he needs any help finding the house to let me know. He sent a nice reply saying he was also looking forward to his stay. I guess Instant Book is easy if you try…

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  • Thank you for sharing this useful information.

    We have been scaling back kitchen use, it is currently not listed as an amenity, but still allowed for reheating, making toast, soup, tea, coffee, sandwich, simple stuff. But guests can still use it too much, we just had a guests girlfriend make a full use of the kitchen after I explained it all to him. Or they leave poorly cleaned dishes in your dish drying rack.

    • I always make it clear upfront when the guest makes their first enquiry – no use of the kitchen. Better set the expectations at the beginning. If they want hot water I get it myself and take it to their room.

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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