My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb


Should you offer a non-refundable price on airbnb?


It’s Christmas in London and the Omicron covid variant has recently gone viral (so to speak) and now most of the city is in some form of semi-lockdown. Compared to last year things are much better as I can still host guests in my airbnb. But this could all change soon as the UK government are at least ‘thinking’ of imposing further restrictions. The covid booster program seems to be the main initiative at the moment to curb the seriousness of the virus. But what does all this mean for my airbnb? We right now not a lot. I do usually take guests over Christmas and this year is...

How soon should you start taking Airbnb guests again after the Pandemic?


It’s May in London and the covid virus has nearly disappeared in the UK. The recent national vaccine program has been a huge success and soon it will be legal to stay overnight in another persons house (this means my airbnb will be open for business again!). It was possible to accept airbnb guests in your airbnb but only if they are emergency workers or you were not resident at the property. However some new regular guests have already started staying with me since the lockdown restrictions ended on April 12. Regulars are the kind of repeat business I like so was willing to accept any...

What to do if your an Airbnb host and catch Covid-19?


It’s October in London and it’s getting colder as we approach winter, and even worse it’s now dark at 4:30pm. To me its the darkness that makes London feel miserable. The high number of covid-19 infections in the UK recently seems to be the long awaited second wave of the virus. My area of London is a ‘tier 2’ restrictions. This means no mixing indoors with member not of your own family. This does not seem to be stopping me getting airbnb bookings for my private room listings in my house. However I recently got the news that I have tested positive for covid-19...

Airbnb guests only booking to have sex and Should airbnb be you only source of income?


It’s August in London and the covid-19 virus is still around. More and more the city streets are starting to get busier and the pub are open, but most of the office workers are still working from home. I do have the occasional airbnb guest from out of town but almost no one from overseas. This is not a surprise since there are some quarantine rules for overseas visitors to the UK. I think most people are leaving any unnecessary travel until next year. I am really starting to miss the extra income my airbnb listings used to give me but financially I am still ok. Should you allow Airbnb...

Coronavirus 14 day isolation rule for airbnb guests. And how to keep your airbnb listing cool in summer.


It’s July in London and the coronavirus is still with us, but life is starting to slowly feel like things are getting back to normal. However I think many people here in the UK believe that it will be 2021 before international travel will be anything like before. Many in the UK are still working remotely from home. My regular guests were mostly the type of workers who were expected to show themselves in the office 2 or 3 days a week in central London, but could work from home other days, won’t be back this year if ever. I have had some bookings recently but i have deliberately...

When will I be able to take Airbnb private room guests again?


Its June in London and the city is noticeably warmer and sunnier. However we are now into week 12 of the corona virus lockdown in the UK. I have has only one airbnb guest since late March. I try not to think of the income I have lost from this shutdown as it would certainly run into many thousands of pounds. However it does seem that things could be very slowly returning to normal. When will we be able to have private room airbnb guests again after covid-19? Airbnb has automatically blocked my listing calendars since the virus lockdown began. My listing calendar did open up for June and I got...

Should you have Airbnb guests during the coronavirus outbreak?


It’s April in London and the sun has made its first appearance since late October last year. A mild but very wet winter caused a lot of maintenance issues with my Airbnb as rain water got into the house and did some damage but my bookings were mostly as normal. For the first time since I started hosting over 5 years ago I started creating artificial gaps in my bookings (blocking off days) to reduce my workload and give me a break from guests. I did this because I was starting to get sick of strangers constantly coming and going and never really feeling at home in my own house. My wife...

My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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