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Coronavirus 14 day isolation rule for airbnb guests. And how to keep your airbnb listing cool in summer.


It’s July in London and the coronavirus is still with us, but life is starting to slowly feel like things are getting back to normal. However I think many people here in the UK believe that it will be 2021 before international travel will be anything like before. Many in the UK are still working remotely from home. My regular guests were mostly the type of workers who were expected to show themselves in the office 2 or 3 days a week in central London, but could work from home other days, won’t be back this year if ever.

I have had some bookings recently but i have deliberately tried to make them few and far between. When a guest books I often block off all other rooms until that guest is due to leave. This prevents any crowding the house and therefore limits any possible spread of the virus (or any accusations that I have not been a responsible host in helping to contain the spread). But this means of course that I have

Responsible hosting during the coronavirus

Airbnb sent me this link to help me be a responsible host during the pandemic. This guide has some information about cleanliness and these are mostly common sense and a host should be doing something like this anyway; pandemic or no pandemic. But it’s worth noting them here: –

  1. Prepare for safer cleaning
  2. Clean dust and debris
  3. Sanitize with disinfectant
  4. Check your room-by-room checklists
  5. Reset the room

These resources include information on how to conduct risk assessments, clean and sanitise your space, remove waste safely, and maintain quality control.

What seems to be to be somewhat difficult is guests who should be by law self isolating for 14 days. Guests from certain countries will be required to self isolate for 14days after arrival in the UK. This could be quite a problem if you have a private room guest and you like in the same house like me. I really can’t see how a guest can eat and drink while self isolating.

My private room listings do not have a self contained kitchen. It’s just not practical for true isolation to be effective.  You can read the UK governments guidance for dealing with those that need to self isolate here.

What can I do if my airbnb has no air conditioning?

At night sometimes it’s difficult to sleep in one of my airbnb private room listings because it’s too warm. The room is at the top of my house and its south facing, meaning that it gets the sun all day. On a moderate to warm day you can really feel the temperature difference to other rooms in the house. I have had guests complain that it’s too hot to sleep in that room at night.

I did buy a large powerful fan to help with this issue some time ago but fans are generally only good as a temporary solution. The fan does not actually reduce the temperature in the room. It merely pushes air around. The fan is not noisy as such but some still find it difficult to sleep with the low turning noise.

Portable zircon units like this can help guests feel more comfortable

I have no air conditioning in my house. London does get warm in summer but not nearly enough to warrant such a system. The cold is more of a problem and I have a very good central heating system installed. So cold weather I can easily fix. The heat I can’t do much. I have looked at types of portable air conditioning units such as these you can get on Amazon.

The cheap portable personal arisen units like this (swamp coolers I think they are sometimes called) are not real air-conditioning. All it is a fan that blows diffused water in your face. It seems at first like it has a cooling effect but it also increases the humidity which makes the heat feel worse in the long run. Adding ice cubes in the water tray does improve this slightly so if you have one of these swamp coolers then add ice!

The fact is if you really want to cool a room down you need a proper air conditioning unit with the air coolant gases in a circular motion that produce cold air. These units are not cheap and are largish. The easiest way to tell a system like this is that it has to have a exhaust pipe going outside (usually out a window). This makes the system look very ugly. But a proper aircon unit like this is the only real way to cool down a room.

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My life as an Airbnb Host What I've learned from hosting and how I make money using Airbnb

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